Sunday, June 18, 2017

6 Features Apple Copied From Samsung And Android In iOS 11

6 Features Apple Copied From Samsung And Android In iOS 11

Android users never fail to compare their handset with iPhones.
Recently, we have seen Apple released iOS 11 which once again divided the world into two different parts: one for Apple fan and the other one is for Android.

Apple fans are super-excited with what the company had offered in latest iOS 11. Well, recently a video posted on YouTube compares six of the best features implemented on iOS 11 with Android.

YouTuber XEETECHCARE uploaded a video which shows a side-by-side comparison between Samsung Galaxy s8 and an iPhone. It looks like Apple had copied six features from Samsung and Android.

The first one on the list is the One-handed keyboard which was inspired from Android. iOS 11 brings one-handed keyboard feature which let users type just by using one hand. Obviously, Apple was the second to offer them.

The second one on the list is Advanced screenshot tool, which shows a thumbnail of the screenshot at the bottom of the screen. The tool just like Android provides editing option. This is the another feature Apple copied from Samsung devices.
The third one on the list is new control center which is introduced by Apple in iOS 11. The new control center lets users add shortcuts to the features users uses the most. However, on Samsung, these shortcuts are known as Quick actions and it stayed there from the start.

The fourth one on the list is new notifications settings. The new notifications settings in iOS 11 let users hide previews from the lock screen. Well, this is again inspired from Android. Hiding previews from the lock screen are been around for a long time on Android.
The fifth one to join the list is ‘Offload Apps’ this feature just frees up storage of a specific app by keeping the documents and data.
This is what we call cache option in Android. Android users also get some additional options like manage the apps, clear all data etc.

The last one was screen recording tool which is similar to Samsung’s. This tool allows users to record the screen and save the videos to the gallery. Galaxy S8 comes with a feature that provides users to quickly record and take screenshots of the screen.

Here’s the video which shows six feature that is said to be inspired by Android and Samsung devices.

So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

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