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You may contribute to Naijatechviral by providing articles on Tech,Tricks Tips, Android Tricks,Modifications, Linux Tutorials, Windows Tips and Tricks, Mobile Tips, iPhone Tips, Security Tips, Internet Tips, Computer/PC Tricks,Guiding,Sponsoring Etc. Apart from the tutorials, you can also contribute your valuable Contributions for enormously popularizing this blog.

You can publish unique and resourceful articles here and get noted to the world. Buck up and grab this Golden Opportunity.

Your Advantage:

The prime question running in your mind in regard to guest blogging, would undoubtedly be "What benefit do I get out of Guest Blogging?" The disentanglement of this intricate problem would be genuine back-link for your personal blog. Having a huge number of readers, get promoted as professional blogger, get more friends and followers.

Basic Requirements:

We need the following details from you viz.
  1. Short biography (with full name), so that people get to know about you.
  2. Your personal blog URL, so that you gain backlink for your blog (Please don't provide irrelevant links for SEO purpose and affiliate links). If you don't have a blog, you can link to your twitter or any other social media account.
  3. Google+ and Twitter profile links so that people can easily follow you. Plus we require your Google+ profile URL to verify Google authorship.
  4. Provide your unique, resourceful articles strictly in proper English having minimum 800 words and should cover the topic in detail keeping SEO in mind. No copied or spinned articles allowed, we don’t have time to deal with copyright claims.
  5. At least one relevant image or video.
Final Action Since you are reading at the end of this post, We assume that you’re passionate in joining our elite team and interested to write articles for “Naijatechviral.com”. If yes, just Contact Us.
Here we’ve done with our task and passed the ball in your court. Now it's up-to you, our readers, to develop this Naijatechviral blog into a blogging community of your choice! We reserve the right to disapprove any post or correct the spelling or grammatical errors.
If you have a suggestion, feedback or question then please Contact Us. or send us a e-mail to isahadamubaush@gmail.com or naijatechviral@gmail.com or you can reach us on Facebook or call/WhatApp 08062697088
e for advertisement purpose.
6. After all this, we will review your blog post
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Are you looking for a place to drop or submit your blog post or your written post? Here on Blazerwap is the best place for you to write your post and get thousands of visitors to your website or products with only a clean and nice posts that follows the niche of our blog and guidelines. As listed below;
  • Technology updates
  • Browsing solutions
  • Website tutorials
  • Desktop or laptop solutions
  • Phone solutions
  • Phone and desktop reviews with Specifications
Your guest post can also be accepted if it relates or concern anything about technology. 
Your posts can be accepted, if only it follows these guidelines below;
1. Your post must not be copied or a copyrighted material and it must not appear in anywhere or even your blog.
2. Your post must not contain too much external links but you can only link to the the other posts that are relevant to the content.
3. Your guest post must contain one or more pictures.
4. Your guest post must be long a enough to be called a post.
5. Your post must not be for advertisement purpose.
6. After all this, we will review your blog post and edit it before we published here on Blazerwap.com for our readersand you must have agreed to that.
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